Taking The Plunge

After a good while deliberating, both I and JC have decided we have to start a premium area for our tips, and hope that you understand. There are many reasons, all of which would justify charging a premium on their own, so combined together we believe we will be offering a great service at a more than reasonable price. Check the 2011-12 results section to see an in depth breakdown of our profits from last season. Below are our reasons for our decision:

  • TIME – This was the most influential factor for us. We literally spend hours every week on analysing data, team news and form etc to decide on our betting tips. We both work full time jobs, so an extra 10-15 hours a week doing what we do doesn’t give us much free time left.
  • PROFIT – This is obviously another influential factor. I kept a close track on my profits last season, and just £20 on each of my tips would have given you over £740 profit in 8 months (almost £100/month). We love making profit, and enjoy making it for others too. If we make the same this season (which should be easier, as there are TWO of us!), a member, even on small stakes can easily be earning 3 figures.
  • NEW WEBSITE – The income will also go to the running and maintenance of the website, which we hope you agree is great. This has been developed to make things easy for you as well as easier for us. It enables us to provide you with in depth tips, advice and pointers to help you make the most out of betting. This is on top of some great prizing we are planning to give away to our members (and a free to enter £250 fantasy football league too)
  • COMMUNITY – We highly value our twitter communities, and will always be on there and answer any questions you might have. This new website will allow greater communication between us and our followers/members. We can get to you by email, to give you overviews of our progress. We also won’t be limited to tipping with a 140 character limit, which can be difficult. We hope this will increase your confidence in our tips, as you’ll understand our reasoning.

As we see it, you are paying a small fee to allow you to potentially make much more. At the end of the day, that’s your goal, to make money. Joining our site is easy and simple (JOIN NOW for a free 30 day trial*), and is the first step to having confidence in your betting – as well as allowing you to look forward to winning more £££

We hope you’ll join us in making a great profit throughout the season.


*offer expires 10th August 2012

About Terry

One of two premium tipsters on the site. I have years of experience in the industry, working in both a professional football and betting environment

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  1. Breeman84 says:

    Whats the mothly charge?? Was looking forward to JC’s la liga tips