Making The Cut – Selecting Our Betting Tips

There are so many facts and figures out there for the majority of football games; so much that it can become confusing and or overwhelming when it comes to choosing your bet. It happens to everyone, you research a game you think you know what you want to bet on, but before you know it you’ve said “I fancy them to sneak it”… For both teams. This is an example of a game you really shouldn’t be betting on (or at least looking in to a different market – such as goals)

Below are a few of the important aspects we think about before posting one of our betting tips.

FORM – Obviously plays a big part. A team who has lost their last 4 games 3-0 should be avoided, even if they are a few places above their opposition in the league. This gets quite a large weighting with us when we are placing a bet. Current form is a great indicator of how a team is playing from a betting perspective. Other in-game stats could suggest something else, maybe they have only scored 3 in their last 4, but won 1-0 three times. It is important to consider the form of both teams (also focusing on the home sides’ home form, and the away sides’ away form).

TEAM NEWS – This is sometimes hard to call, especially with the misinformation provided my a lot of clubs nowadays in the media. The manager claims “he’s out for at least another month”, then two weeks later he starts in the crunch game: this happens a lot. Research here is the key, try to find people on the internet (or even better, at the clubs – though this is rarely possible) who are “in the know” and can tell you the truth i.e. he’s been in full training. Getting team selection correct can be the difference between a punt and a value bet; a good point to remember.

MATCH IMPORTANCE – Another massive factor, and a prime example of where great value can be found. Friendlies and Cup games (such as the League Cup in England) where the competition is not a priority for the favourite. Often the odds reflect the two teams positions within the football pyramid, but due to team selections etc the gap isn’t actually as large as the odds suggest. This is where it can be great to back the underdog (on the Asian Handicap, obviously). Some great value can be found in games where there is a heavy favourite who may field a weakened side.

GOAL STATS – Finally, goal stats can play a big role in find a good value betting tip. Somewhere online, such as Soccerway has a good database of previous results etc that can help you see the attacking prowess and defensive frailties of a team. You can delve deeper by combining with team news to look at goals scored with/without the star striker who is a doubt for the game, or how many goals the team has conceded at home without their injured center back… Be careful with this one though, as you can’t place too much emphasis on it. Just because a side has conceded in their last 11 games doesn’t mean they can’t keep a clean sheet, nor should you say “well, they’re due a clean sheet”…

By no means are the above factors the only bits of info you should look at, there is so much out there can can help (or hinder) your decision making process. This is where JC and I come in; offering betting tips to take all of the legwork out, so you can reach an informed decision much more easily #teamterry


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