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Thanks to our new affiliation with, we now have access to a vast amount of data. To open with, I wanted to bring you something interesting and relevant. After Lionel Messi’s world record 91 goals in 2012 not many can honestly say he didn’t deserve the Ballon D’or for a fourth year running. However, there has been much debate surrounding the FIFPro World XI consisting only of players from Spanish La Liga. Many people believe this isn’t an accurate reflection on the other major leagues in Europe. I’ve looked a little closer in to the stats…

 The Fans

Fans play a huge part in determining the popularity of a league. The Premier League, despite having a lower ‘highest attendance’, average 6262 more fans per game than the Spanish top flight. The dominance in Spain by Barcelona and Real Madrid is the same for attendances. Their home games make up 25% of fans that walk through the turnstiles. The Premier League is much more evenly spread throughout the league. Interestingly, Reading (average attendance of 24,104) are 17th in the Premier League attendance table, but would be in the top half (10th) in La Liga. 5th placed Betis would only manage 9th place in the Premier League.

Best Fans – English Premier League


Goals are what drive the fans to games. I was at the Arsenal v Newcastle 7-3 and to see 8 goals in the second half was something special! Where should you go to improve you chances of seeing goals though; Spain or England? The statistics show there really is nothing in it, with both leagues averaging 2.88 goals/game. Dig a little deeper though and you can see that the Premier Leagues sees on average, 3.71 more shots per game. The Prem also has 59% more shots on target per game (7.25 compared with just 4.57 in La Liga), implying that there is more goal mouth action, and without some top quality goalkeeping there would in fact be more goals in England.

The typical Premier League striker was traditionally a ‘poacher’, being in the right place at the right time and the stats say that this trait is still present, with 20% of goals coming from inside the 6 yard box (18% in La Liga). Although you don’t get extra points for doing so, scoring from outside the box is much more glamorous and pleasing on the eye. Again, the Premier League comes out on top, with almost 1 in 5 (19%) coming from at least 18 yards out, just 17% in La Liga.

Most Exciting – English Premier League (just)


A quick note on discipline. Despite conceding fewer fouls per game, La Liga average 2.5 more bookings per game (81% more than the Premier League). Red Cards are also much higher, with almost 3x as many red card per game in Spain than England. Are the referees tougher in La Liga? Are the tackles more clumsy and in warrant of a card? I think this could be looked in to further, but I’ll save it for another day…

Most flowing game (fewest interuptions): La Liga

European Success

Undoubtedly these two nations have had great success in European competition for decades. Over the last 5 years, however, the Premier League have had consistently better success in the Champions League, whilst Spanish sides have fared better in the Europa League. Working on the following points structure (1/4 Finalist = 1 point, Semi finalist = 2 points, Finalist = 3 points and Winner = 4 points), the Premier League beat La Liga in the UCL: 53 to 36, but fall well short in the Europa League (10 to 34).

Best in Europe - UCL -Premier League … Europa League – La Liga

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