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It’s only a matter of days until the São Paulo state championship begins, with Santos looking to regain there title for the fourth time running.

The São Paulo championship or Paulista league as it is better known, is a competition which pits teams from the state of São Paulo against each other. Each team plays each other once in a 19 game set up with the top 8 teams going into the play off and the bottom four sides being relegated. The Paulista championship is used differently by each individual club, Santos for example always go all out to win the competition just like São Paulo and Palmeiras, where as teams like Corinthians and Botafogo like to use the championship as a long pre season by trying out different formations and players.

A number of teams in the Paulista championship are not professional and often get “turned over” when it comes to playing the big sides those games are often a good opportunity to exploit the Asian handicap market.

I’m expecting Santos to regain their title. A strong influencing factor is that Neymar Da Silva Santos Junior will play the majority of fixtures in the competition and should score in almost every game. Aswell as Neymar, Santos are looking to add either Robinho (AC Milan) or Montillo (Cruzeiro) to there squad.

A team that should be pushing for a top 8 finish is Ponte Preta who finished a very respectable 14th in the national championship. Ponte Preta knocked out world champions Corinthians in last year’s Paulista championship and ill be looking to use them on the Asian line when they’re away from home.

A team I like the look of this year is Oeste, a second division side at national level but they could very easily cause a few upsets in this state championship. So long as they keep there current playing and coaching staff ill be looking to use Oeste as often as possible for a BTTS bet as they only kept 4 clean sheets in Serie C (3rd division) but scored in all but two games.

The price on unders in the Paulista championship is often much higher than overs due to the sheer difference in class, however there is one team who defensively are virtually unbeatable and are happy to sit on a 1-0 lead no matter who the opposition. This team is, Corinthians the champions of the world, and with Renauto Augusto(Leverkuson) and Alexandre Pato(AC Milan) Corinthians could be heading for a dominate season. As usual Corinthians will concentrate on the Copa Libertedores(South American champions league) and will settle for a place in the Paulista play-offs before losing in the quarter or semi final.

If you’ve never viewed Brazilian football I hope you’ll start here the kick off times are usually 8pm on Sundays and Wednesdays and the flair and skill on show is superb. But apart from the excellent viewing on offer we’re all here for one thing, to make money and that’s exactly what I intend to do. That covers about 5% of the Paulista championship so if you have any betting queries or just questions about Brazilian football in general don’t hesitate to email me and ill get right back to you.

Boa Sorte (Good luck)

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