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What makes us different from the plethora of tipsters on the web nowadays? Here are a few aspects of our site that I think make us stand out from the rest. Not to mention our £4,000+ profit, at just £14.77 for 3 tipsters for 6 months, you get a LOT for you money.


Coming from a professional club background as a first team analyst, I am passionate about performance analysis and delving further into the stats than simply “Team A have won their last 3”. Goals, goal scoring opportunities, possession, tactics, player availability and many more factors need to be considered to help evaluate a good value bet or tip. I have brought in Lewis and George as they share the same philosophy in their own areas of expertise. This is why #teamterry members will always receive or reasoning and justification for our bets. Some ‘bigger’, more expensive tipsters provide no such analysis, leaving members to follow their advice blindly. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want to understand WHY they are betting on something. Are you any different?

Quality over Quantity

Another aspect that leaves me (and based on member feedback, hundreds of punters) frustrated is the number of tips provided on a daily basis from particular premium tipsters. Some tipsters can provide 10-20 ‘tips’ on a daily basis. Who in their right mind wants to spend 30 minutes or more every day finding 15 separate bets from as many leagues? No one. On top of this, they bets chosen can be so unbelievably obscure that there is no way the above analysis could be carried out for each bet. There is absolutely no harm in NOT providing a tip when there is nothing about. WHY ALWAYS BET!?

Points Systems

I have spoken about this before (HERE), but I see more and more tipsters providing misleading profits as a result of flawed points systems. Providing 35+ consecutive tips at 10 points per bet is pointless (pardon the pun). If you stake the same on a consistent basis, then use a lower number of points. Unless a tipster intends to use 10 separate levels of stake, then they shouldn’t be using 10 separate levels of stake. Surely that’s not difficult? If you bet the same amount every time, just use one point (level stakes). We will always use level stakes for our records (we use £20 as an example), this allows you to decide what to bet on each tip – it’s your money after all… This is not to say that anyone using points system is trying to deceive; if used correctly, using a points system can work well

Track Record

Arguably my biggest complaint I have about other tipsters is their inability to accurately show their results. I’m sure 99% of people have enough Microsoft Excel skills to create a basic P&L table. If you can manage that, and have such great profits, why wouldn’t you want to show this and make it publicly available? We show our results, tip by tips. George, Lewis and I have our own pages, as well as a combined page for the overall site profit. We also have an archive of all previous write ups we have done, so you can see our analysis in detail.

The Definition of Value

On many occasions I see the word ‘value’ flying about on twitter, but am sure many don’t understand its meaning. Just because a bet wins doesn’t make it good value. Nor does a losing bet means it wasn’t good value. Value is in the eye of the beholder, and is when the chance of a given outcome is perceived to be greater than the odds available. Simple example, you believe there is a 50% chance of an outcome (perceived odds of 2.00 – EVENS), but the odds available are at 2.50 (6/4). Betting on this outcome, regardless of final score line is a good value bet. This is how you make money long term and how we have now passed the £4,000 profit mark.

Low Fee

From previously charging more for my service, I can say with confidence that our new price of £14.77 for 6 months is MUCH preferred by our members. No one wants another monthly recurring payment (we all have enough of those), nor do they want to pay £50-£120 for a year’s worth of tips up front, especially for those tipsters without any substantial track record or credentials. Our site gives you three tipsters for 6 months for less than £10, a price we are proud of and definitely represents good value…


We like interaction with our #teamterry members, and what better way to do it than offering prizes in competitions. We will have these going on throughout the year. So far we have given away:

1 x Man City Replica Shirt (signed by Sergio Aguero)

2 x VIP Box Tickets to Arsenal v Newcastle including  5* Accommodation in Central London (thanks to

5 x Copies of Football Manager 2013

Several Free Memberships

£40 cash

1 x Lionel Messi Barcelona Football Shirt

1 x Ajax Football Shirt

With more to come, you should really get involved if you’re not already.


I have had a lot of questions about these areas before, so wanted to get them posted on to the site so in future I can link people to this post to explain our philosophy, and give people a heads up with regards to what you should be wary of when it comes to premium tipsters…


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