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So… We’ve now been running for two whole weeks with our RIDICULOUSLY UNDER-PRICED £9.77 6 month membership (according to our members). As you can see from the graph below, we have made some GREAT progress.

To have already paid for your £9.77 membership (and therefore have over 5 months membership for FREE), you would have only had to back each of our tips with 68p! JUST 68p on each tip so far will have generated £9.89 profit – such a low risk for EXPERT advice, COMPREHENSIVE previews and solid PROFIT. Our recommended stake of £20.00 per single will have actually generated a solid £290.80. That’s £281.03 profit and a 6 month membership… ALREADY. Sure, we haven’t won every bet, but check our combined results, we have all made profit individually, which has generated solid profits for our existing members. It really PAYS FOR ITSELF…

WHY pay a monthly recurring payment of £10, £15 or more when you can still get THREE profitable tipsters, for 6 MONTHS for less JUST £9,77. We are a transparent service and are perhaps the only service that list EVERY result we tip – AND we make this available for non-members so they can decide if they want to become a part of our growing member base. We also allow non-members to view our TIPS ARCHIVE; allowing them to see the research and analysis that goes in to each tip we provide. TOO MANY tipsters send an email with a few bets and expect you to follow them! This makes no sense to us; you need to know why you’re backing a team, or a bet.

Many ‘tipsters’ hide things from the public so they are perceived to provide a better service than they actually do. They shout and scream about a winner, and keep quiet about their losers. These kind of tipsters tip maybe 60 points on a Saturday, and with just two winners and 3 or four points each, you can really start to see how misleading their communications can be. You’re paying for the service, so should be able to see everything that the service provides – good and bad.

We work TIRELESSLY throughout the week and answer any questioned fired at use about our games, our tips, our results – ANYTHING! We are trying to help the masses make a steady income from betting on sports. So many lose on a regular basis, we are here to help you buck the trend. We appreciate any feedback via email/twitter/the site, and hope that we can improve our service even further in the future (100% winners and lots more profit would be good  )

*all memberships expire 30th June 2012

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I have years of experience in the industry, working in both a professional football and betting environment

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