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As our members know, we recently conducted a short feedback survey regarding their time as a #teamterry member so far. The feedback has been great (thanks guys), so we thought we should share some of the figures and statisticss we got from our findings. We also asked a few questions that required members to answer themselves in a sentence or two. Here are few little replies from members when they were asked “why did you join?”

“Profit! Better than @footballacca”        “The £9.77 price tag”      “Good value and good reviews”

Firstly, we asked a few questions on a 1/10 scale (10 being the best) regarding different aspects of our service. This included our analysis, email service, profits and overall satisfaction with our offering. We have been delighted with the results.

Perhaps the biggest compliment of all is that of those that answered, 100% would recommend to a friend.

Overall Satisfaction – average score : 8.9/10

At 8.9/10, we are happy with the overall satisfaction of our current members. We feel that we can improve further, and will do our best to do just that. We like the fact that members appreciate all three tipsters on the website and the fact that they have their own strengths and specialities.

“Its great how there’s 3 of you specialising in a certain area of sport; makes it [betting] feel safer.”

We work hard all week to provide a service for our members, and ask for less than 40p/week BETWEEN US to help justify the hours we put in to it. Comments like the one below just go to show that the work we put in on an almost daily basis is worth it:

“The analysis for each selection really does set you apart. It’s a very useful insight into WHY you are betting on what you are!”

Previews and Analysis – average score: 9.4/10

We pride ourselves on the analysis we provide, and it appears our members like it too…

“[You] provide information on tips, [which] shows you are not just picking a team at random”

This scored highest in our survey at 9.4/10, with over 65% of responding members rating it 10/10. We are very pleased that our work and research is appreciated by our members. We will NEVER provide tips without reasoning, with think anyone advising on what to place your money on should do the same. Hopefully in time, others will follow suit (although we aren’t holding our breath). Take a look at what they are on about HERE.

Profit – average score: 8.5/10

Fundamentally, the success of this site is results driven, and as of now (11:00am, 24/1/13) we have provided our £9.77 members with a ROI of 21.63% between us. This obviously has pleased our members. We are advising to get our members to back using single level stakes (as seen in our RESULTS), as this is the best way for long term profits. However, we have seen some use our tips in doubles, trebles and bigger to great effect! This is the score we want to be at 10 the most!!!

“The profit, the publicly displayed results & the ROI % all gives me confidence”

Email Service – average score: 8.3/10

Members have scored our email service the lowest of all questions. Still, at 8.3/10 it appears the majority are happy with the service. That isn’t enough for us though; we want everyone to be delighted with our email service. The main constructive feedback is that members would prefer tips to be sent via email. This is our goal, and we are currently developing a system that automatically emails members when new tips are posted – with the tips included in the email too! This is expected within two weeks and will hopefully push our ‘email service’ score even higher.

“I only joined yesterday but the emails seem punctual and clear”

“I would like it if the tips and previews came via email too; it would make my life a little easier”

Trustworthiness – 9.1/10

“I love the fact you put all your results on the site for everyone to see even if you lose, it’s very professional”

“Reliable and honest.  You don’t post betting advice for the sake of it.  Too many paying sites post tips for the sake of it.”

Detail levels – 9.2/10

“Written previews are huge added value, not usual even in paid services”

“In depth previews from people who have a strong knowledge of their specific areas”

We will be running another survey very shortly to ask our members what else we could improve on or include as we strive to become the ultimate tipster service. One way that we are doing this already is linking up to the SECRET BETTING CLUB. These guys are an independent service that ‘proof’ results of tipsters to confirm they are recording results correctly with achievable odds etc. This is a long (6month+) process, but will ultimately PROVE that we do everything by the book.

Thanks for reading…


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