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Last night was short on betting opportunities, and when you only play one bet it really is all or nothing. Last night, it was nothing. The Magic played well and the Raptors did what I expected, but Toronto pulled out a really narrow win and we just couldn’t ever get Orlando to pull away like we hoped. The game was like a carbon copy of what I expected, without a 4th quarter run from the Magic. But this is where the long term comes in – we’re a STRONG 7-2 since Tuesday, and we can possibly make it 10-2 or better before the weekend – and that would be awesome! All of these odds are as of 8pm.

Detroit Pistons @ Miami Heat

The Heat keep dropping games, and they make a habit of only turning up not when they can – but pretty much when they want to. This team is so good they know they will be in the playoffs. We seem them underestimate opponents and drop their game a lot whenever they’re playing a weaker side, but this Pistons side is fast improving, on a roll and thumping the Heat last time out. All those factors, especially the BIG motivational factor definitely justifies the large spread on the Heat at home and I can see them pulling off the victory tonight. James and Wade dropped a huge amount of points against the Raptors the other night, and they’ll be looking to put the same on a Detroit side that probably can’t hang with them the same as Toronto did if they really decide they want to blow them out.

Oklahoma City Thunder @ Sacramento Kings

We all know what the Thunder are capable of. They’re the best offensive teams in the league and right now the Kings are one of the worse defensive league. That simply equation leaves you figuring with Durant playing as well as he is, OKC can drop anything between 100-130 points tonight. I certainly expect it to be a little be closer to the top number, and I’d be shocked if that’s a number the Kings can compete with. This team has no reason to play anymore. We’ve all heard the story about the franchising possibly moving to Seattle, and what enthusiasm should a team gain playing in front of a flat crowd that knows their team might not be there for much longer. That’s been the situation for a while with the Kings and there’s just a whole lack of motivation about this team right now. On the defensive end they literally look they cannot-be-assed to play some nights. Durant and co should really light these up. OKC are on a poorer run and now playing their best right now, but without doubt if they give a showing like they did against the Clippers this game is a no contest. Good way to get back on track.

Minnesota Timberwolves @ Washington Wizards

Here’s a simple bet. How can we ignore betting on a team that has covered their last 8 point spreads set by the bookmakers including great efforts against the Clippers, and wins in Denver and Portland? The answer is we can’t. On a normal day the Wizards certainly wouldn’t be -6 over Minnesota. Another impressive cover was a strong home win against OKC. Who does this team even have to fear anymore? With John Wall back in the fold no-one, and their opponents tonight are a banged up side. Having dropped 7 of their last 8 games this side faces a tough ask against a Wizards side that funnily enough isn’t even fully fit. Yes John Wall is back so on paper they’re 100% fit, but in reality he started out with small minutes and has played more and more every game. And even when he’s not on the court they look good, his presence has been enough. Tonight however as the Wiz return back home we should see some considerable time for John Wall, who should run this game.

Brooklyn Nets @ Memphies Grizzlies     (Live on ESPN UK!)

This is a good Nets side but right now they’re traveling to Memphis to play on little rest. It’ll be the third road game in 5 days for this busy Nets side. The Nets have a decent 10-9 road record but the Grizzlies always show up against tough sides, especially at home. They’re also a momentum team and the more they win the better they play, and I think it’ll take more than this Nets side to knock them out of their stride tonight. Last time out they beat the Lakers comfortably by 13 points, and this side has only failed to cover 2 of 13 spreads the game after blowing out an opponent, so that doesn’t bode well for the Nets.  Let’s try the Grizzlies on a modest point spread.

Utah Jazz @ LA Lakers

To me it’s just a sick joke that the bookmakers can make the Lakers favorite to win anything at the moment. The chemistry is shot, the fans aren’t in to it, the team has big problems, Howard is clearly banged up and probably on his way out nearly as soon as he got there. Kobe and Gasol couldn’t have sounded any more negative or disinterested after the last game if they tried, and even Kobe who has carried this team recently has now decided enough is enough. It just seems a near impossible rarity that this EXTREMELY TALENTED NBA team plays together or as one anymore. The Jazz have been playing well. Won 8 of their last 10, covered the spread in all but one of those wins, and they’re being given too many points here. Despite being on the road. I’m 10/10 when backing the + point underdog this season and most of them have been against the Lakers. No wonder why. Let’s oppose them again and see if they finalllyyyyyy turn something around.

George’s Tips

Miami Heat -9.5 @ 1.96 with Matchbook
Oklahoma City Thunder -8.5
@ 1.97 with Matchbook
Washington Wizards -6 @ 1.97 with Matchbook
Memphis Grizzlies -4 @ 1.95 with Matchbook
Utah Jazz +5
@ 2.01 with Matchbook

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