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One huge decision when placing a bet is who to place it with. Thanks to odd comparison sites such as you can quickly and effectively establish which bookie is offering the best odds on your chosen selection. Sometimes, you might not have an account with them and then have to decide if it is worth opening an account, or settling for lower odds from a bookie you’re already using. Sometimes it seems like hassle, or you don’t really want multiple accounts with balances in each; but if you want to make a solid ROI long term, you have to go with the BEST ODDS where ever possible. Always using the best odds available can potentially add extra to you bank over a period of time, which far outweighs the few free bets you get from some bookmakers. Check this example below:

For Sevilla v Deportivo (15/2/13) you think the game will end in a draw, so log in to your SkyBet account to place your usual £10 stake and see odds of 4.75. Now you’re happy with £37.50 profit if it comes in – not a bad return. However, look around and PINNACLE offer odds of 5.18, where £10 returns £41.80 profit. That’ is a £4.30 (11%) increase in your profit. Your bet wins, so you’re not too bothered about the extra four quid you could have made, plus you got a free £5 bet from Sky the other day, so as far as you’re concerned, you got the best deal. Right? NO!!!!

Imagine placing 10x£10 bets a week, all where the return is 11% greater at another site. 10 winners at evens would be an £11 extra at the better price. Now think about a long term ROI target, the below shows how better odds to this extent can realistically turn a losing betting strategy in to a winning one:

Result Stake SkyBet Pinnacle Sky Return Pinn Return
WIN 10 2.4 2.55 14 15.54
LOSE 10 2.45 2.61 -10 -10.00
WIN 10 1.66 1.73 6.6 7.33
LOSE 10 1.85 1.94 -10 -10.00
LOSE 10 2.1 2.22 -10 -10.00
WIN 10 2.24 2.38 12.4 13.76
LOSE 10 1.8 1.89 -10 -10.00
WIN 10 2.1 2.22 11 12.21
LOSE 10 1.35 1.39 3.5 3.89
LOSE 10 1.99 2.10 -10 -10.00
TOTAL 100 1.99 2.10 -2.5 2.73
ROI -3% 3%


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The above just shows how the same series of bets can make a profit or a loss, depending on who you place them with – If you want to take betting (and making a profit) seriously, make sure you have an account with Pinnacle - it really is a no brainer.

Bookmakers make good money, that’s almost a given. In the tough gambling industry many bookies lure you in with sign up bonuses and free bets. Long term this isn’t necessarily the best thing to look at. Instead, see how many times they are best priced in the market. PINNACLE don’t bother with free bets or sign up offers to attract customers. Instead, they pride themselves on providing great odds consistently – at the end of the day, this should be all that matters.

Our own teamterry account (where we place our bets as a team) is with Pinnacle, for the simple reason that the odds they offer are significantly better than most bookmakers for the majority of markets.


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