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So, the European season is over, and after a long season on I’m disappointed with my season long profit of just £139.60. Still, to have a profitable season is a good thing, and with the other tipsters recording decent profit over the same period of time, we are looking forward to continuing our long term profit goals with our members.

With less for me to write about now the season is over, I thought I’d further emphasise how fine the margins are when it comes to sports tips and sports betting. To do this, I have highlighted 5 of my tips that we class a ‘bad beats’; where we are in strong position only for the bet to lose. There is always some luck when it comes to betting, and here are 5 examples where lady luck was against us (click the fixture to view the highlights of each game):

Groningen v FC Zwolle – 23/02/13

Having lost just 3 of their previous 11 away games this season and 2 of their previous 11 (home and away), we sided with FC Zwolle on the Asian Handicap (+0.50). It was an even game, with both sides creating chances and failing to score. Possession was equal, and a draw was probably a fair result. 92:36 on the clock, and a long throw in to the box was helped on by Darryl Lachman and Michael de Leeuw slotted home from 7 yards.

Result 1-0 – P&L swing – £40.00

Catania v Inter Milan – 03/03/13

Here we backed Catania after a decent run from the home side, and Inter hadn’t won in 7 away. At half time we were very happy, with the score at 2-0 and Catania in control. Despite Catania remaining on top, Inter grabbed an early 2nd half goal. Then with 20 to go they pulled level. We have Catania -0.25, so a draw meant a half loss, but Palacios slotted home in injury time leaving us shell-shocked!

Result 2-3 – P&L swing – £41.60

QPR v Wigan – 07/04/13

We backed Harry’s QPR -0.25 Asian Handicap for this must win fixture for both sides. A silly red card for Bobby Zamora meant the win was unlikely. However, a great goal from Loic Remy meant we again went to injury time winning our bet. A needless free kick was conceded (Mbia) on the edge of the box, and Shaun Maloney scored in the 94th minute to cause heartbreak for Team Terry members and QPR fans alike…

Result 1-1 – P&L swing – £31.00

Arsenal v Norwich – 13/04/13

April 13th was unlucky for Team Terry, no questioning that at all… Backing Norwich City +1.75 on the Asian Handicap looked an amazing bet after 80 minutes with Norwich 1-0 up and Arsenal struggling to create anything clear cut. We were 2.75 goals to the good, meaning Arsenal needed 3 goals in the last 10 minutes for our bet to lose… An Arteta penalty quickly followed by a Giroud tap in meant Arsenal had managed to snatch three points at the death. In injury time, Walcott (offside) set up Podolski who scored with a neat finish from 20 yards and turned a strong +1.75 handicap to a losing bet. If only that was all that went against us on that day…

Result 3-1 – P&L swing – £29.00

Roda JC v Vitesse – 13/04/13

Later the same day, we went to the Dutch game between Roda and Vitesse, we backed the stronger of the two sides that had also been enjoying some decent form. We had them to win outright at evens. Despite an unconvincing opening 20 minutes, they found themselves 3-0 up with half an hour remaining. A needless penalty and some dodgy defending saw the lead reduced to 3-2. All was OK (we thought) as we entered the 5th minute of stoppage time. We were wrong as 94:39 saw an equaliser with a poor defensive header rebounding off the post and dropping to Mitchell Donald who headed in to an open goal. For a strong side to go 3-0 up and then panic as much as Vitesse did was uncharacteristic and hard to predict!

Result 3-3 – P&L swing – £40.00

This is just a snippet of the season but shows what we mean by “fine margins”. These 5 results alone swung my personal P&L by £181.60! Add that to the £139.60 I made this season and all of a sudden £321.20 sounds a whole lot better

Sometimes you can get things right on paper, but an individual error or last minute goal can transform a result and a bet. We are continually learning an improving our service to help you generate more long term profit.

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