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What is the key to a picking a successful Fantasy Football team?

It’s not as easy as it sounds. You think ‘I’ll just whack Van Persie in there to get me some goals, while Joe Hart can keep the clean sheets’. That’s all well and good, but at least 50% of worldwide players have the same ideas as you.

On Premier League Fantasy, Robin Van Persie has been picked by a staggering 42.4% of over 2 million players, making him the most common chance in the game. A close second place is Eden Hazard with 35%.

Does that mean you don’t pick them? No. It means you do pick at least a few of them. There are plenty of ways to make points, and if you’re willing to look a little deeper at the categories in which a player can earn you points, you can make plenty off of players you consider otherwise useless.

That said, it’s not as easy as it looks, and any team really does demand at least a few of the highly selected stars, as it ensures you’re going to keep pace with everyone else to an extent.

But, people don’t finish hundreds of points ahead of others purely because they all have Van Persie – In Fantasy Football; you have to think outside the box. Today, we’ll be thinking inside the box, and covering how you select your strikers.

Selecting your strikers

We all know the scoring system, and whilst it’s nice to see them get some assists and avoid cards along the way, we don’t really care as long as they score. Goals are money in Fantasy Football.

You need goals, which is why you do need the big names in this position. There’s nothing wrong with picking Van Persie, Aguero or Benteke because they destroyed fantasy last year. Any serious Fantasy players first move should probably be to pick Robin Van Persie and make him captain.

With Van Persie as your captain last year, he’d of earned you a huge 524 points.

As much as fans of their respective teams like them, picking Aguero, Rooney, Suarez, etc wont get you as far as picking Van Persie will.

Of course, you need your supporting strikers. We’ve established striker number one needs to be a big buy: in fact, nothing of short of Van Persie. And make him your captain. What about the others?

You can’t be generic all the way and just pick the top 3, because plenty of people will have done that. It’s certainly okay to have two big guns. The next highest scoring last season was Christian Benteke for a team that, really, could have gone down.

For me there’s little danger of Villa going to close to the relegation zone this year, and with some improvements such as Bacuna around him, I really think Benteke can find the net a little more. The same can be said for fellow high scorers Lambert, Dzeko, Berbatov and perhaps even Lukaku back at Chelsea.

I do think it’s a good idea to go with two big names up top, with one as your captain, and let them be your main source of points.

So who is striker number 3? I’d suggest saving more of your budget for your sub striker than your sub midfielder. If you need to sacrifice a few points to make a transfer along the way, that’s fine, it’s inevitable.

For striker number 3 you’re going to need what I’ll call a ‘Wildcard’ striker. Someone you may not expect to do that well, or has been picked by a low % of people, or even someone you think can double on their point’s performance from last year.

For me, the leading trio would be Wilfried Bony, Ricky Van Wolfswinkel and… Fernando Torres.

Of course, Torres is no newcomer, but if he’s going to be your THIRD choice, his 133 points from last season in what was deemed another poor year for him doesn’t seem so bad.

My logic is if Mourinho can’t get the best out of a player, he isn’t much of a player. Torres certainly has the quality, and Jose will extract that. I’ll go on record as saying that 133 points from last season will become 200 this season.

Strikers are straight forward creatures in Fantasy Football. You want goals.

So in summary, follow the crowd and find the highest scorer from last season. Make him your captain. It’ll help you keep pace.

It may even be a good idea to grab the top two scorers from last season, and then maybe grab some value with new strikers like Bony or RVW, or even Torres or Dzeko who should improve massively on last season’s points total, and who have both been picked by 10% or less of the game players.

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