New Design for 2014

New Design for 2014

New Design for 2014

After a long drawn out process, with dozens of delays, hurdles and problems, we can finally announce the launch of our new look website! It's early days, and with anything new like this, we could have some teething problems, but we're hoping everything works perfectly right from the get-go!



What's New?

Well, there are several new aspects at the minute, and we have another backlog of updates that we will be adding over the coming few weeks.

New Now

  1. Automated odds. This industry is growing at a huge rate, with hundreds upon hundreds of new tipsters sprouting up left right and centre. Many will be good, but you have some trying to pull wool over people's eyes in order to seem better than they are. We have added automated odds that come directly from the bookmakers (21 in total) in REAL TIME! When we publish a tip, you can be sure that the odds are accurate and available.
  2. Automated resulting. We have created formulas within our database to work with the fixtures and results to calculate when a bet wins/loses automatically. Again, this eliminates human error. What about 1/4 handicaps? don't worry, the formulas will reduce the profit accuratley if the bet is a half win/half push - and will reduce the loss if it is a half push/half loss
  3. Easy to use interface. Perhaps the best feature of the new site will be the user-friendly aspect of it. You can join us by simply entering your email and creating a password. Simple. You get your own profile where you will be able to add youw own image, add personal info, review your membership status amongst other things. 
  4. Browse tips. The new site makes it much easier to browse tips. Just go to the 'tips' page, and you can see the tip archive. We have added banners that will say if the bet is active (game not started or in play), if it has won, pushed or lost. You will even be able to filter by sport. If you like the football tips, click football, if you only want basketball tips, click basketball!

After listening to customer feedback we had to think about how we could please everyone. It was tough, and means we have a big list of things to do, but we will get them done! Here are a few things coming soon

Coming Soon

  1. Tips via Email. Many of you will be pleased to know we will soon be adding a feature that sends our tips via email. We still aren't sure what the format will be (tip only, tip and reasoning etc), but we will be firing them to your inbox as well as publishing them on the site. Many of you have been after this, so hopefully this ticks your boxes!
  2. "LIKE" our tips. You may already see the "like this tip" button on the betslip on the tips we publish, but we will be making the most out of this in a few ways. Firstly, we can see what kind of tips people like and tailor our service to you. Secondly, members will be able to see the hottest tips by the number of 'likes' they have received. If we tip Man United to win the league, I don't expect many likes, but I imagine Bayern to win the Bundesliga would be more popular...
  3. Track Your Bets. Want to know how much we have made you whilst you've been a member? Usually, this will require you to tirelessly fill out an excel file with your stake information. Instead, we will be integrating a "bet on this tip" button that helps you keep a log on your bets all within the site. This isn't quite ready yet, but should be a nifty feature when we launch it!
  4. Competitions. Not the be all and end all of our service by any means, but we want to interact with our members as much as possible. We are sorting out loads of competitions with prizes ranging from memorabilia, match tickets, free bets and cold hard cash. 
  5. Forum. Live Chat was good on the old site, but a forum would be better. We have hundreds of members on board and between us I think we should be more than capable of starting a great betting community. We can help eachother out, share team news, big wins, narrow losses and anything else. 

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we want to hear from you! What do you think, is there something else you'd like to add to the site? Get in touch by EMAIL or TWITTER and we will try our best to add any viable suggestions to our back log of things to add!

Enjoy the new site