About Jon

Jon studied Sports Science at University and along with his love for football and numbers  he ventured in to the business side of the sports industry. However, as time went on his interest in analysis and statistics became more prevalent so he decided to pursue a career in analytics. With years of experience in the footballing world, he eventually found a role working for a top private trading company in London. It was here where he learned how to convert his fun and casual approach to betting in to something more profitable. He is still working for this company, but he is now able to compliment his salary with a consistent regular income from sports betting. He is very good at finding value in otherwise neglected leagues (lower leagues in England, and various European Leagues). His senior position in the trading company means he is required to have his finger on the pulse of the majority of European Leagues.

Jon will be back working on the site from next season

Specialities – English Lower Leagues, Europe

Contact - [email protected]