This summer I have been working hard on developing statistical models in some of the major leagues that will help establish matches where there is value in the markets. We have decided to share that with ANYONE who is interested! We will be sending out a weekly email with some of the odds the model generates. This will allow you to see if there are any bets that are good value and worth betting on, or if there is a game you though was a ‘banker’, but is not actually as much of a formality as you expected…

This model isn’t perfect, but helps give an indication of where the lines should be. It factors in attacking threat, defensive strength, home advantage, team news, current form and historical trends.

The model calculates the % chance of each scoreline up to a 10-10 draw and can collate the % chance of a Home Win/Draw/Away Win; Overs/Unders; Asian Handicap and correct scores. The aim is to eventually be able to share all of this information on the website, but at the minute it is so raw and untidy it’s best if we send it to you FOR FREE, to your inbox.

If you are interested in this, just complete the short form below and you’ll be added to our mailing list and receive a weekly email with odds info from the MLS, Brazil, Germany, England, Holland, Spain and France!!

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Below is an example of a comparison between our expected odds and the current bookmaker odds in the 1X2 market. It highlights value in some places, and a lack of value in others (such as backing Ajax at 1.20). Despite the fact I expect Ajax will win, at odds of 1.20 the model suggests that it isn’t worth the risk for only a 20% return.

 Any information obtained from these emails are not ‘tips’, but a guiding tool that could help improve your profitability on sports betting.