Betting Tool Kit - Why Always Bet?

Betting Tool Kit - Why Always Bet?

One key aspect of choosing your betting strategy is discipline. A day when you don’t bet isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Betting for the sake of it is one way to ensure you will never make a long term profit.

Despite the fact there are two of us, there is just no way we can ensure accurate and reliable tips if we feel a pressure/obligation that we always need to provide tips, even on games in leagues we aren’t familiar with. This seems obvious, but so many people ignore this rule when providing betting advice, and when betting – It’s a slippery slope and makes it almost impossible to generate profits long term.

There are hundreds of tipster services on the internet nowadays, and while some are very good, there are a growing number of services that will offer ten or more tips EVERY DAY. I’ve seen tipsters cursing Birmingham City Ladies for not being able to win a game, or maining at a side in the Indian 2nd Division for conceding a late goal, or backing FC Zalau in the Romanian 3rd Tier. How on earth can someone have strong enough knowledge on these games to provide you with advice on what to bet? Shy of looking at Soccerway’s list of results – there’s not much you can do. Finding out the information needed to make a sensible bet/tip such as team news, injuries, weather and motivation would be near impossible. I don’t know anyone knowledgeable enough to be able to provide tips on every league in the world, yet so many claim to provide ‘tips’ on any game, in any competition. Backing the favourite, with no knowledge, reasoning or justification can’t be classed as a tip in my opinion. They call it a tip, sure some will win, but say goodbye to any long term profits. The people that do this are basically gamblers/chancers; they see these type of games as an easy way to win some money. When I’ve spoken about value before, being profitable long term is difficult, and requires researching various factors to give you an edge. Betting in such as blasé manner means that the bookies will always win long term. Their researchers and analysts generate the odds based on their research, you need to research it yourself to find discrepancies on these odds and pounce. THIS is what a tip should be, not 17 bets from 11 leagues from 4 continents on a single day.

We are selective in the betting advice we provide to members, and is why we have been successful for several years and continue to generate consistent profits.

So maybe Mario Balotelli was right all along – Why Always Me Bet?