A ‘Member‘ is anyone who receives any information from terrytipster.com. This includes information both free and paid for, and includes, but is not limited to all information published on terrytipster.com and sent via email. Our ‘Services’ include, but are not limited to the information we provide on the site, via email or via any other means.

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1: You are over the age of 18. If you are a resident outside the UK you accept that you are lawfully able to receive our services.

2: You may not use the information provided by our services for anything other than your own personal use. You may not resell, retransmit or in any other form make the information from our services available to any third parties without prior written consent from terrytipter.com

3: Any information provided is given as opinion and terrytipster.com accepts no liability or responsibility for any loss or damage that may arise from the use of any services provided via terrytipster.com

4: Terrytipster.com reserves the right to cancel some/all services at any time. In such an event, refunds for any outstanding subscriptions would be made to each member.

5: Terrytiptser.com reserves the right to refuse/cancel any subscription at our own discretion.

6: Terrytipster.com may advertise to external websites. Any problems incurred from using such advertisements are the responsibility of that site, terrytipster.com accepts no liability.

7: As a member, you are responsible for all use of the services under your username and password. If you believe there has been a breach of security, please contact terrytipster.com.

8: All payments are final, no refunds will be given unless exceptional circumstances mean services have to be cancelled, then refer to point 4. It is the member’s sole responsibility to cancel their membership should they not want to continue with the service. This includes any initial payment after any free trial period.

9: Terrytipster.com is entitled to pass your information/details to third parties unless the member requests to be excluded from potential offers/promotions from third parties when joining the site. You are free to change your preferences at any time by contacting terrytipster.com. This includes opting out from any terrytipster.com promotions and email communications.

10: You irrevocably indemnify terrytipster.com and any of it’s data providers/affiliates from and against any/all costs, damages and losses suffered or incurred by terrytipster.com of any nature arising out of or in connection with your use, provision or distribution of information or any part of our services or any part or otherwise howsoever arising in relation to any breach of this agreement by you.

11: If you have a complaint regarding our performance under the aforementioned terms and conditions, please direct this to our complaints team at [email protected] The complaint will be investigated.

12: To be eligible for any prize advertised for our ‘fantasy football’ competition, you must have been a full member for at least 3 full calendar months of the season of which the competition is valid. You must also have joined the competition prior to the first English Premier League game of the season. If the winner of the competition does not meet this criteria, the prize(s) will go to the next highest ranked player within the competition who has met the criteria

13. 7 Day free trial is completely 100% free. Upon expiry of the trial, payment will be made automatically unless cancelled. By not cancelling the subscription you are choosing to continue with the premium service, for which you will be charged.