About George

George is now entering his third year of providing betting tips and advice and has almost reached an impressive 1000 points of profit. He has studied the MLS in great detail and has generated great profits in a league that many others know little or nothing about. He enjoys the league so much that during last season he watched ALL of the first 52 MLS games of 2012 – Talk about dedication!

His MLS obsession started by accident when he noticed Thierry Henry playing for the New York Red Bulls whilst flicking through the sports channels. Surprised at the quality and entertainment value of the league, he realised he’d want to watch Henry and New York every week. Since then it’s become his favourite league in world football.

George isn’t restricted to the MLS only (although that is his favourite league), and will provide tips from all over the world. His next best area however, is English non-league football where he has actually spent time as a player.

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Specialities – American MLS

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